There is a widespread obsession with skeletons. I can’t speak for everyone as to why, but I am madly in love with it. Something about the intricate detail of our inner selves inspires me. The specifically placed curvatures, the numerous rivets, and the repetitive structures so condensed into every single one of us is just fascinating. But the one thing I love most about our skeletons, is that we are all the same underneath our surface. That is what should really ground us. We are all just people trying to live amongst other people.

I think it’s interesting that skeleton inspiration is coming out a lot in fashion is because what we do in fashion is force others to see our uniqueness and how different each one of us are. The fact that we’re now showing our insides on our outsides is pretty funny.

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Remember the good ol’ days when we were younger? When we didn’t want to hold our jackets and sweaters, we’d have to tie it around our waist. Nowadays we wouldn’t dare do that for fear of looking unfashionable. Who knew you could look this stylish doing it?